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This is the first game I made in Unity. I've learned a lot in the months since making it, and I will be remaking it after I am finished with "deeper". I hope you still find some enjoyment in playing it, despite the many improvements that could be made.

"Virginia" is a room-escape/exploration/puzzle/horror game loosely based on the Twine game "spooky house". If you've played "spooky house" & "return to spooky house", some aspects will be familiar, but it is different in a lot more ways (and you don't need to have played those two games to appreciate this one!).

It is intended to be played in one sitting (estimated 30 min - 1 hr).

When I made and titled this game, I did not know of the other game titled Virginia that came out at around the same time. When I remaster/remake this game next year, I will be changing the title to avoid even the tiniest bit of confusion.


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Could you add some screenshots? :)

Absolutely, I'll have some up in a little bit! Sorry, I completely spaced on doing so T_T.